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Busy Week at e Office…begins

Posted by chulalongkorn on May 26, 2008

Firstly, let me tell a story of this one man who owns a restaurant at Sri Penara..he was a Siamesee Guy and here i would like to express my ‘hateful emotions’ over wot had happened last night at his restaurant. I was looking for my friend there when i saw Pok Nik seating on a table wit him. After a while, he had shown his wot i rather called it ‘disrespectful act’ towards myself which i cannot accept the act of imprecation he tried to show me. My patience was great until that time i finally lose it!! I told my friend, Pok Nik that i will go now before i did something out-of-ordinary because he had embarrassed me wit his words and i couldn’t take it as a joke because i knew that he meant to embarrass me at that time. Furthermore, that was not the first time he act like that…well, morale of the story is..Never, Ever..Ever..Underestimate someone that you don’t know well..just yet!!! know wot i mean??

Mamanoni now attending a course at Putra Hotel, a 3-day course during school holidays. Last night, we accidentally put a possibility for her to get pregnant when i unable to use ‘azal’ method during intercourse. i had to purchase ‘Postinor’ in order to avoid pregnancy.

Night was full of stress when my friend Jep rejected my deal with Ijam at Kg Baru..i had to arrange my time to deal wit him on new ‘half-a-quarter’ of Kancil. Personally, i think they had wrongly gave me the agreed amount of sliced parts and my friend Jep didn’t really get the picture of wot really happened during our meeting wit Wan and Ijam. Myself alone had made a mistake by not reconfirmed wit Jep on the matter. i hope Abg Zul who had accompany me at e meeting will honestly gave his opinion on our arrangement/deal to clearly pictured the whole things happened to Jep because i didn’t want him to misunderstand the situation happened. i had called Wan to inform his reaction to e matter and thankfully he can understand my situation and willing to canceled it for good (to both side..of course!!)


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