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Sick of Political Propaganda

Posted by chulalongkorn on October 24, 2008

This ‘munitions of the mind’ played by some politicians nowadays have becoming increasingly more evil especially when it comes to Opposition State Government. The intention by the few is to create hate among ‘rakyat’ as the Opposition couldn’t fulfill their promises, but the truth wot people don’t realise is they’re trying to manipulate human emotions by tuning our mind to the issues that irrelevant. For example, all people with brains will surely agreed that Barisan Nasional is emerging to a disastrous overwhelming defeat in term of strength…their coalition party have performing as badly as enough to add to their disaster…well, wot else should i say??


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Get Well Soon

Posted by chulalongkorn on October 22, 2008

Today, Kak Long & Kak Ton went to Seremban Hospital to visit my staff, Shareena who suffered an unknown infection at ICU Ward. I hope that she will recover real soon. Many said it was due to food poisoning, meaning that they are caused by an infection through which a virus enters the body. Anyway, let’s hope she’ll get well soon!!

Now, I was quite busy with collections and Branches accts to review one by one. Tomorrow, I have to attend Monthly Operation Meeting at HQ and to present my current CCD development status as well. Not to mention, this coming 28th, Mama have to attend a course (JPN) at Pangkor Island. Meaning that i’ve to take care my 2 kids alone for about 4 days. Wot a tough job then…only a Daddy knew wot it like when babysitting a 4 & 2 yr old kids.

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A Trip to Zoo Negara

Posted by chulalongkorn on October 20, 2008

Yesterday, i spent my quality time with my family as we had visited ‘Zoo Negara’. The kids were enjoying themselves..Alan was screaming when he saw an Ape and the Crocs also the turtles & snakes..Noni was a bitter struggle with exhaustion when it comes to do lots of hiking..she complained of how tiring it was for her to walk all the way to see the animals. Mama therefore have to end up stopping a few times to let her resting in order to complete the tour without having to listen to her complains every single steps.

The visit ended just before the rains start falling over and Alan got his Cars while Noni with her bubble to grab herself home. On the way back home, i decided to bring them to eat at their fav restaurant…mane lagi..KFC laa…

ni gambo Alan & Noni masa Jamuan Aidilfitri kt my office..

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Posted by chulalongkorn on October 15, 2008

i just couldn’t manage to put it in my blog..already follow e instruction but still not happening!! somebody tell me wot should i do then..dah fed up really!!!
Today, my Board of Directors had made their decision to swap post between En Raja & En Ishak as from now on, En Ishak will be in my team..for heaven’s sake that’s the sign of more burden will fell to my shoulders. Well, what else should i say!!!!

As promised, i would like to share wit u of my this year raya celebration at e kampung. Me, my wife & 2 kids were travel back home to Jerteh on 29th Sept. The road along the way was qiute clear as many was travelling during e weekend. About 10 hours only we reached home at Kampung Telaga Nibong, Jerteh. We were the first family to arrive so we can choose a room we like to stay, and surprisingly my wife had chosen the room in the middle of e house for us to stay…and i was not happy actually…cause i like the room near the kitchen more than other rooms.

Early morning of Hari Raya, mama was busy with the kids and her rendang while i take the opportunity to enjoy fresh morning with my “Marlboro Lights”. 8.15 a.m we went to the mosque nearby for Aidilfitri Prayer, this year i decided to bring along my 2 kids to experience the celebration. Alan was behaving calm yet moody right after the prayer. According to mama, Noni was behaving like a 2-yr old when she whined almost all the time during the session..Alan looked “handsome” with his blue Baju Melayu and as for myself, this year the theme was “Light Yellow” and mama was wearing her fav. Green Baju Kurung..and she looks Gorgeous that day…(after that u know wot happened when Brad Pitt met Winona)…Raya Gift to Mama of course…

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