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New Collage Artworks

Posted by chulalongkorn on December 15, 2008

Here’re two pieces of mind blowing collage artworks..enjoy!!



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Deja Vu..that happens in December

Posted by chulalongkorn on December 12, 2008

Every year in December, i’d been lucky for the past few years and for this year somehow the feeling of being lucky comes alive. Just now, i went to buy few selected 4d numbers and guess wot? i just knew that i’ll surely strike podium for tomorrow’s draw. i don’t know it’s just kindda strong feeling i have right now…maybe this time it’ll turn out well for me as i said, December always brings ‘Better Luck’.

i remember back in 2002, i hit 2nd prize at Mg6. One of the driver at Mayban Finance had shown me ‘mapiau’ (the result) of e draw and for the very first time, i won RM2,000.00 when 2095 hit e podium prize. i still remember the’s on 18.12.2002 (Wednesday. Draw no. 151/02)

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