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Hangat diperkatakan…

Posted by chulalongkorn on March 24, 2009

Agak lama jugak saya tidak menulis dalam blog saya ni..mungkin kerana sibuk dengan tugas seharian dipejabat ataupun saya tidak ada mood untuk menulis..think it was due to both reasons. 😉

Hari ni, my wife kena attend kursus kat Ayer Keroh, Melaka selama 4 hari..24th – 27th and as usual i’ll be taking mom’s job to handle and taking care of my 2 children. Teringat masa first time Mamanoni kena attend kursus dulu, kelam kabut saya dibuatnya..mana taknya the kids was never live apart fr their mom before..imagine the chaos created by them at that time.

Ok..enough with that. Saya ingin berkongsi my views on Malaysian political scenes at the moment. Baru2 ni, anak YB Karpal Singh telah digantung tugas di parlimen selama 12 bulan kerana mengeluarkan kata2 berunsur ‘fitnah’ kepada Datuk Seri Najib yang merujuk beliau sebagai pembunuh Altantuya yg sebenar. Well..wot can i say, he’s such a brave man to accuse out loud the other ‘Man’ as murderer in e Parliament…gosh!! i’ve been wondering why Datuk Seri Najib can keep his mouth shut to this serious allergation against him. Was he tried to hide something from us? i don’t know. only Allah knows wot really happened.

The By-elections of 3 Hills are around the corner so is the UMNO gathering to be held by end of this month. To be honest, i don’t give a damn wot will gonna happen in their internal party affairs. To me, they will be suffer their greatest loss in the next general election. They will fall apart…!!!!


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