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Sengaja atau tak reti bahasa…

Posted by chulalongkorn on July 29, 2009

Sangat menyedihkan apabila stesen tv swasta yang dah 25 tahun wujud dinegara kita tidak memahami apa yang ingin disampaikan oleh Tuan Guru Hj Nik Abdul Aziz mengenai ‘Perpaduan antara kerajaan pusat dan kerajaan negeri’. Ada kemungkinan masalah bahasa yang mereka hadapi..tapi itu tidak boleh dijadikan alasan untuk membuat tafsiran sedemikian. Seandainya mereka kurang arif dgn bahasa kelantan, mereka sepatutnya merujuk kepada staf2 mereka yang berasal dari negeri kelantan bagi mendapat maksud sebenar yang disampaikan oleh Tuan Guru. Bukan main agak je..ATAU mereka memang dengan sengaja berniat jahat/bersekongkol dengan kerajaan barisan nasional membuat tafsiran yang jauh berlawanan dengan maksud sebenar apa yg ingin disampaikan oleh Tuan Guru.

Menurut Tuan Guru, intipati kehendaknya ialah memperkasakan semula hubungan Kerajaan Negeri dan Kerajaan Persekutuan. Bukan maksudnya hubungan PAS dgn UMNO. Menurutnya, banyak isu yang tidak diselesaikan oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan seperti isu tuntutan royalti, isu geran kewangan persekutuan kepada negeri, isu projek pembangunan persekutuan kepada negeri dan sebagainya. Walaupun Tuan Guru Hj Nik Abdul Aziz cuba memberikan persepsinya yang sebenar didalam sidang-sidang media selepas itu, kenyataan-kenyataannya terus diceduk diluar konteks oleh media arus perdana bagi mengelirukan rakyat malaysia seterusnya memperkuatkan niat jahat BN meyakinkan rakyat bagi menjatuhkan kredibiliti Tuan Guru. Kepada stesen tv tersebut, saya ingin menyeru supaya anda tidak lagi menjadi pencacai UMNO/BN.

Selepas PRU ke 13 nanti, mereka yang menjadi tali barut UMNO hanya akan mendapat kerugian…sedarlah wahai manusia sekalian sebelum terlambat.

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A Trip to Jerteh..

Posted by chulalongkorn on July 28, 2009

Finally we decided to make our long journey to Jerteh just to fullfil our passion for local king of fruit, Durians!!. My mother in law used to have kebun back there and every food season, all family members starts headed home to grab their shares. that’s included us,..this year, we’re heading home this coming weekend, Mamanoni only can finished her school weekend outing at about 2 pm. We probably can take off at 4 pm..(mamanoni usually take much time doing her face & dressing)..I’ll be on leave to tune e car in e morning at DOA’s.

Listening to ‘Anything But Ordinary’ by Avril Lavigne right now, wondering of how she doin’ right now, haven’t heard her voice for quite sometime now…i would not denied how i feel towards her, she’s still my fav. of them all. ‘Who Knows’..another piece by Avril. I really enjoy her songs maybe because my mind running across our good old days… 

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Posted by chulalongkorn on July 27, 2009

Do you realise that our whole life consists of a series of events, that they make us who we are….

My head hurts, because I take too much responsibility at work. Wish I could be less responsible, wish I could just disassociate myself.

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The Beat of Different Music

Posted by chulalongkorn on July 25, 2009

I believe that first you must find strength in yourself, and yourself only before you even consider finding it in another. 

I’m not gonna go into much detail, but let’s just say that I had an unerring feeling of optimism for the future… and that’s pretty much gone at this point in time. Tough to cope. But I’ll deal. It’s what I do. 

This is just another case of me having a few things I’d like to write, with no real rhyme, reason, structure, motivation, or dastardly master plan other than me just wanting to. 

i’ve been in a really good mood lately.  some confusing times have passed over my head over the past week.  so it’s nice to be able to get rid of them.  and i got through my week of hell for work.  It really wasn’t all that bad but since it’s quite a while for me to work that much in one week before. but anyway, it was nice to contribute so much to this company and i’ll be happy with a matter of fact, i do..

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My Top 5 Beauty Queen

Posted by chulalongkorn on July 24, 2009


With her role on Heroes, She undeniably possesses the kind of looks one generally associates with a fashion model. yet she can also come off as an approachable, girl-next-door sort. It’s comedy hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was instrumental in her 2008 rise from anonymous starlet to bona fide “It” girl. She’s Kristen Bell, no. 5 in my list.


Emmanuelle Chriqui is finally beginning to receive precisely the sort of recognition she so clearly deserves. Her profile has been raised exponentially by her recurring role on HBO’s hit series Entourage. Thats make her no. 4 in my list.


This gorgeous girl-next-door has landed at my heart making her my favorite no. 3. She was smoking hot back in the Dark Angel days. Hopefully the pregnancy will put some curves back on here. Hot, Beautiful and Sweet, three words to describe her here. I think she has the sexiest ass, a great smile and laugh, nice lips and eyes, and nice absolute queen she deserves to be in my list after all.


Stunningly beautiful face she got to be at my no. 2 spot. Clearly she’s naturally slender and become a great example to girls to tell then to accept who they are and love themless with the figure they have.  
She’s very charming and attractive the way she is. All that makes her a super woman: NATURAL beauty looking sexy in a very sophisticated way, combined with enormous acting talent and breathtaking charisma …

paz vega

Positively angelic!! Her name is Paz Vega. She’s my no. 1 hottest beauty queen. You can tell she’s got some freckles that makes her so fucking hot!!..She also got gorgeous brown eyed, exotic brunettes with nice natural breasts. “Winona, here comes your challenger!!!”

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Garis Hidup/Keperibadian

Posted by chulalongkorn on July 23, 2009

Dear Chulalongkorn VII, Angka Garis Hidupmu adalah 2. Angka ini berdasarkan perhitungan/kiraan berikut:

Tanggal Lahir: 29-06-1974

Berikut ini adalah analisa angka garis hidup nomor 2: (dalam versi Indonesia)

“Karakter positif dari mereka yang tanggal lahirnya berjumlah 2 adalah kepekaan yang umumnya memiliki kemampuan halus untuk bersikap adil dan seimbang. Anda bisa melihat banyak sudut pandang dalam tiap argumen atau situasi, dan karenanya orang-orang akan mencari Anda sebagai penengah (orang tengah la tu…). Dalam hal ini, Anda mampu menyelesaikan berbagai perselisihan dengan cara yang tersendiri. Ada perhatian yang tulus terhadap orang lain, Anda berpikir yang terbaik tentang mereka, dan ingin yang terbaik bagi orang lain. Anda jujur dan terbuka dalam pikiran, ucapan maupun tindakan. Anda cenderung berhasil dalam segala kegiatan kelompok, tempat Anda mempraktikkan kemampuan untuk menggabungkan orang-orang dari bermacam-macam latar belakang. Etika dan diplomasi merupakan cara Anda berhubungan dengan orang setiap saat.

Anda adalah manusia yang mempunyai rutin & yang merasa nyaman untuk selalu mengikuti kebiasaan lama. Hal-hal baru untuk dicuba bukanlah kesukaan Anda. Tapi Anda adalah seorang master dalam berkompromi dan mempertahankan harmoni dalam lingkungan, tidak suka merendahkan diri untuk berargumen.”

* – ada perkataan yang saya modified untuk senang difahami semua.

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Man United Asia Tour: Owen on target again

Posted by chulalongkorn on July 21, 2009

Manchester United’s Italian wonder kid Federico Macheda and latest signing Michael Owen struck early to help the English Premier League champions beat a Malaysian XI, 2-0 in their second meeting at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.  The Red Devils who struggled to beat the same side 3-2 on Saturday got off to a flying start with Macheda showing his prowess in front of goal to put his side ahead in the 10th minute after latching on to a Darren Fletcher pass. Two minutes later, Owen who scored the winning goal on Saturday, silenced his critics yet again, when he punished a mistake by Malaysian skipper Norhafiz Zamani Misbah to increase the lead. Final Score: Malaysia 0 Man United 2.


Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson changed almost the entire team on the field, Owen, Tosic and Macheda up front with Carrick, Ryan Giggs and Fletcher in midfield with Gary Neville, Fabio, Wes Brown and John Evans in defence while Ben Foster as goalkeeper.

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Teoh Beng Hock’s death

Posted by chulalongkorn on July 17, 2009

Clearly it wasn’t suicide at all. Someone must have killed him or threatened to kill him if he refuses to talk. They dragged him across the room and opened the window. Then something went terribly wrong. It was supposed to be just a threat. They just wanted to put fear in him. They did not really want to throw him off the top floor. They just wanted him to see what the ground floor looks like from the top floor.

The unfortunate young man panicked. He went ballistic when he saw the distance he would have to travel before hitting the ground floor. He struggled. They could not hold onto him. Gravity took over and the life of this young man was prematurely snuffed out.

And now one young man has really died. But no one will be punished. No one will be punished because they will say the young man took his own life. Why he took his own life no one knows. He was never tortured. He was never threatened with death. He was not made to look how far down the ground floor is. He was not accidentally dropped when he panicked and struggled and they could not get a good grip on him. Then we all being fooled and sadly we believe wotever the story they made up to cover this MURDER!! 

May you rest in peace, Teoh Beng Hock.

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Posted by chulalongkorn on July 14, 2009

My first great achievement was when I’d scored 5 ‘A’ back in the year 1985 when I was in Primary Five. Then in 1987, I received the news that I’ve been offered a place in a newly formed boarding school in Kelantan, It was Machang Science Secondary School and in 1989 i’ve managed to score 10 aggregate for LCE. I was beaming with pride and Immediately, we became mega-stars, an elite group of Sekolah Menengah Sains at that time. And I guess that was the last time I became the pride and joy of my Father. …then came MCE (Malaysia Certificate of Education). I didn’t get a credit for my science subjects which relegated my result to a Second Grade. For that I lost the chance to further my study oversea where most of my friends went either to the UK or US.

Even though I did managed to enroll to ITM (Institiut Teknologi MARA), Perlis..but it was never the same. From there, my life turned downhill as i became ‘Anak Antu’ as what they called to those who got the nerves to break the law. I’m pretty my Father was heart-broken because I’ve made the wrong turned. I wish I could turned back the clock and starts all over again and to be the pride and joy to my Father again. End. Let’s go on now with to, i mean cut forever is a tough thing to do.

Well..I’m grateful that I’ve been blessed to finally cut forever and I’ll hold this to the last breath and for the sake of my own family. For Noni and Alan and Myra…I love you all. Daddy’s fine now!!

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Hard Times

Posted by chulalongkorn on July 13, 2009

I can only breathe out side of work, mostly at home, where I am solely wanted to be myself among adults who are seeking on getting through life with a BETTER EDUCATION FOR A BETTER LIFE. I pray that I am able to wake up, being able to shine through what I know so that I can share among others who are tearing to hear what I have been through. I am not perfect. But I am getting better with myself. Everyday, I am blessed to be alive. There is so many anger inside of each of us that needs to be let out, the right way. Only through prayer and letting people know how you feel is the way to let go.

I am so hungry splashing out my potiential in my tasks at work..Sure enough, I have a bunch of people with different values and morals. I will always listen to others. Yet I am sticking to mine..I am just wondering what I am doing so wrong to have people hate on me. I am doing the best that I can. I am tired of the put downs. But I am keeping my patience cool while people at work find a way to stab me instead of appreciate and respect that I have made out this long without too much trouble. I am doing my best to keep up my target collection every month. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that I am going through a lot of things right now. So far, there needs to be an understanding that when I am told to be myself, I will be myself.

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