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Time Game

Posted by chulalongkorn on January 28, 2010

The last couple of days were quite busy. Work and more work had occupied most of my thoughts. The mental anguish isn’t as bad now. Things are getting clearer now. At least from my own perspective. I’m feeling better about everything in general. No matter what happens between myself and Mamanoni, things will be better and totally as happy as I wanted. You know me well, Honey, better than I know myself. I don’t know why I keep lying to myself and keep fooling myself. In a way, maybe I am addicted to the pain of a bad broken relationship?.

And who is to say that after some time had passed, I won’t be a stronger person back then and say “things have not changed and its best for us to go our seperate ways.”


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Kolej Yayasan Islam Kelantan at my hometown

Posted by chulalongkorn on January 26, 2010

KETEREH, 26 Jan: Menteri Besar Kelantan, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berkata, pimpinan kerajaan negeri yang diberi mandat oleh rakyat hampir 20 tahun lalu lebih ‘pandai’ mengurus harta rakyat termasuk hasil royalti berbanding Kerajaan Pusat.

“Alhamdulillah, setakat ini pembangunan yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan negeri termasuk jambatan tidak pernah runtuh, malah jambatan berdekatan rumah Exco kerajaan negeri, Datuk Mohd Amar jauh lebih rendah berbanding harga asal yang dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan negeri,” ujarnya lagi.

Tuan Guru berkata demikian ketika ditemui media selepas melakukan lawatan rasmi ke Kolej Yayasan Islam Kelantan, Kok Lanas, dekat sini, semalam. Ianya tersangat dekat dengan rumah my parents kt kampung.

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Flip flop

Posted by chulalongkorn on January 19, 2010

So, it’s like.. i’m gonna make it a point to try and write more.  i know i don’t have anything interesting to talk about right now, cause i just… suck.. but whatever.  i think it’s therapeutic in some sad sense, for me to just..write. even if it’s about nothing.  just get everything out i suppose..meanwhile, work has been hectic as usual…but it got better toward the end cause it got to the point where it was literally so busy, i couldn’t even think.. and i mean that in every way i can.  i could not even think straight, there were so many serious and critical things going on.. it’s a lot for one clerk and one exec to handle….it really is.  i love this job really though, don’t get me wrong…’s just been unusually insane lately. i did get my new schedule though.. i’m gonna work all day, but two saturdays a month i’ll be off..

It’s gonna be a good weekend coming on, nonetheless!!  i’m excited to see some familiar faces and have a good time with them. i won’t even care if i’m exhausted at work cause i almost always am anyway so it won’t be anything new to me. i have a pretty intense job so i do actually need to make sure i get enough sleep the night before. and i know i won’t be getting that because my friends are gonna be at our fav place… and i know they’ll want me up all day and night…because that’s how everyone is.

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Within Myself

Posted by chulalongkorn on January 11, 2010

i have been spending a lot of time thinking. and you all know what happens when i think….what i have been thinking about lately is coming to terms with my life, so when i move and be completely on my own so i can do it with a clean slate and clear head. And part of doing this is also to be comfortable with who i am. i am not as comfortable as i may seem right now and i am not as happy as i wish to be either.

My life has had it’s share of good and bad things. bad thing that happened last week was just abusive because as far as i’m concerned, i don’t have any reason wotsoever to hurt anybody’s feeling. Here i must apologise to those that have hurt themselve along the way to my road of self discovery. To Mamanoni, i am sorry that i have not really been apart of your life, that i wasn’t be there when you need me,..

Those who know me know that i am nice and kind person until you push me. i don’t make it a point to be a ‘very bad guy’ but i will be one if i am treated like less than what i am. Treat others as you wish to be treated..that’s what i’m gonna do..

Last night, watched Juara Lagu 24 over TV3..Aizat’s song was the one that being crown as Juara Lagu 24 (2009) fav. is Tomok, however he did not grab any award but his performance was quite awesome. i was impressed by Faizal Tahir..eventhough he had injuries to his leg (someone told me, he probably being ‘santau’ by person with evilhearted intention to bring him down)…i don’t know what’s right, it’s just rumours!

Around the globe today, Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger have split after two years together. They have decided to go their separate ways. They want to focus fully on their careers and will remain close friends. i used to like Nicole cause her look was a bit like our local singer, Nurul, don’t you think.?!.some more she’s quite sexy..

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What a Mess…

Posted by chulalongkorn on January 6, 2010

She just couldn’t understand it at all. The things happened quite a simple as it was, writings at has been ‘misundertandingly’ taken by several people involved, including my wife. For the truth, i was just speak to myself thru writing..and it was just a memories passed in time. To her Husband, i’m so terribly sorry if my writing hurt and embarrassed your goodself, i swear i didn’t mean to do. i’ll do my best to delete the entry..

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