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Outburst II

Posted by chulalongkorn on January 12, 2012

I am now pleased to start a new beginning with a transformation of becoming 38 and i only have 2 more years to prepare myself with all the moderation of being perfect at my age of 40..inshaAllah!

I’m also being grateful to Allah swt for blessing me with such patience in commending a disrespectful wife i arrogant wife whose actions are full of pointless attack with abusive language as she speak of envy..our love affair or relationship is quite compatible, able to be together harmoniously for the past 8 years. Although there were many things that we both cannot reach the agreement; with an intense outburst of feeling resulting of distrust with one another, causing suspicious feeling which could persuade ourselves in wrongly way most of the time..

At intervals of time, I used to think of new foundation or principle of basic policy in supporting our differences, to precisely give the right definition of marriage is gonna be my greatest challenging task this year as she wasn’t quite easily be persuaded or influenced by my sincere advise or request..

My aim is to educate her to become a person who can grasp the meaning of congeniality, human understanding. To become a person with philosophical skill who can really know and understand the basic of truths and principles of the universe, life and morals. Creative imaginations which could neglect defamation that damages a person’s reputation. An intense manner resulted to any reckless actions should all be completely abolish..It’s all from devil’s incitement!

My really hope would be my earnest desire to witness the changes in her ideology in irritable manners,..Amin


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Posted by chulalongkorn on January 11, 2012

My life was heading to the right direction as i finally managed to cut forever..stopped all the madness. Living a healthy lifestyle with my beloved family. 10 months after we moved from Sri Penara to a peaceful living condition at my hometown here in Kok Lanas, Kelantan. My mind was finally able to lock up from the bad influences by some friends back at KL. Thanks to Allah swt for given me strengths to get out from there..

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