Right Side of Me

Existance of nothing

Posted by chulalongkorn on February 23, 2013

The natural arrangement of words for me to perceive and comprehend no longer exists. I close my eyes and there is a nothingness so frightening that not even i am bold enough to face it.
My current thoughts lack depth and it is in others that i search to fill this emptiness. Where has my inspiration vanished? Why has my soul given up on me..?
I feel as though i sometimes create situations in my mind that are not remnants of my realistic world. I feel things that are not present just so that i can guard myself against all evil doings. Now it’s getting the best of me. It’s thwarting my ability of fluency therefore affecting my relationship with others, soon enough, i will truly be all alone.
It affects me so dèeply that it can be sensed by those whom i allow to perceive. They do not understand. How can i make them understand a space of nothingness in my mind?.
My remedy is to remove myself from everything. That way, i’ll have the chance to unfold. But this occurence is never constant. What else should i do?. Let me think of something right now…emmm


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