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Posted by chulalongkorn on September 29, 2013

Like a spider caught in it’s own web. You watch the insects fly in. Cringing at every wrong step they take, you give up and let them in on your secret on how to escape this trap.
So on they fly and soar to great heights, while you remain stuck in your own trap. One you made on your own, all the rules, all the exits,..
You know all there is to know, but lay there as if you are the helpless fly.
Look inside yourself, there is more than you see..look inside yourself, there is a strength you do not see.

Don’t be ashamed to let me in since i am already in this with you. I want to be the one to help you, walk with you through the dark and out to the light.
Through this journey, there will be tough times to come. Times you must look back in order to move on. Times you will discover are harder than you expected. I want to walk with you through the hard times and advise you along the way. You might need support from me to keep you going. I will be there for you.
You will come to many crossroads at which you will want to turn around, start over cause you can’t allow yourself to do such that move you might regret. You live with so much of it now, why would you want to live with more?
This is your chance, go with it. Take it for all it is worth. Love it.


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