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My world now become wider…

Posted by chulalongkorn on February 25, 2010

At last, we have our own streamyx to get online anytime we want with no hassle at all. To add more fun, i just encounter a very attractive adventurous war game in the net. It’s called ‘Warstorm’..Pongsa introduced me to the game, thanks fren. Mamanoni had activated her own facebook account and got to teach her to use it wisely. Most important is that i’ll now have something useful in my hand to contribute to other person/community life out there.

Alan and Noni

 I also purchase a new handphone..this time i choose to use another Sony Ericsson series G502. My K750 was fell to pieces when my mind was sleepy while texting sms to Jep that night. Here’s my new fren..say hi to him everybody!!


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Posted by chulalongkorn on February 23, 2010

Absolutely stunning..Girls must have legs like her. “Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Beholder”. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, but I just feel like posting more pretty girls here..

Romanian Beauty

Alina Vacariu

She was named as Romania’s Model of the Year in 1998.  Do you feel her sexiness appealing enough to make you excited and heart jump high? huh..another gorgeous girl to me.

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Kerajaan Haram Perak Kekal…

Posted by chulalongkorn on February 9, 2010

Nampaknya mereka yang memerintah negara kita sekali lagi memainkan peranan mereka dalam menentukan siapa yang memerintah negeri Perak. Maka bersuka-ria lah kambing2 yang diletakkan dalam kandang negeri Perak. Dan bahawasanya Allah itu maha mengetahui dan adil yang akan memperlihatkan kebenaran sedikit masa lagi. Akan terlihatlah siapakah dalang disebalik rampasan kuasa di negeri Perak. Mahkamah ibarat kambing dicucuk hidung..bosan betul dengan mainan politik berat sebelah macam ni..takut sangat diaorg ni…barua betul!!!!!

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Posted by chulalongkorn on February 4, 2010

I hate keeping them. And yet, I hate letting them out as well. Mamanoni keep on trying to get me to open up those ‘Secret’ but it is very hard for me sometimes to refute such attempt she did. 

And why should it be hard for me? It is, after all, a Secret. For that I wrote in a blog where I should vent my feelings, my heart saying, and whatever is going on in my mind. So why am I actually scared if it was to be revealed and it won’t become a secret anymore..!.

And yet sometimes they are hard to give out because you have to lie to a person, because you think it will serve her more good than knowing the truth…like some people used to say “ignorance is bliss“. But really, it’s just how it’s put: ignorant. No one can define ignorance as a good thing. It is not bliss, it is, well, just as it is put, like I just said. (I have a habit of repeating myself–bear with me.)A little white lie to protect the Secret“.

Mamanoni after her makeover to become Winona

Talking about love..I’ve heard people say that most teenagers at age 13th could possibly know the meaning of love. Although many of their definitions manifesting itself in deep affection, devotion or sexual desire. To feel the passion of love for someone is hard.. it’s kind of hard to feel passion for food or books. Because they can’t talk back or respond to you. How to feel Love? I think to feel love is when you became a better person when you are with that person. Know wot I mean?..Let’s put it this way..When you’re with someone you like, you will do your best to keep her with you by being respectably perfect man alive…and in order to become one, you must ACT LIKE ONE, FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!

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Happy 32nd Birthday Mamanoni

Posted by chulalongkorn on February 2, 2010

May Allah bless our marriage. Tonight will be our greatest ‘lovemaking session ‘ ever. Just for you.

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