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Fasting Month Begins…

Posted by chulalongkorn on August 4, 2011

Actually it’s now Day 4, for the first time in my adult life I’m experiencing fasting life here at my hometown of Kok Lanas, Kelantan. As all of my family now permanently staying here and we also don’t have any intention to move anywhere else except to have wonderful living lifestyle here. Mamanoni teached at Sek Keb Kg Berangan, Selising while as for me, at the moment I decided to take care of our beloved 3 kids. Farrah at primary 1 Sek Keb Kok Lanas..(my old school as a matter of fact!!)..Faizdlan will register at pre-school next year and Lil Myra starts her first steps any moment now!!

Well..guess I’ve to stop now, wanna buy something for ‘buka puasa’ at nearby Pasar Ramadhan.  I will update later when I got free time..which is really hard to find one these days..ta..


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